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English for Business

with Anglica

Anglica offers top-quality one-to-one Business English classes covering all areas that you need for success.

What's special about Anglica? The student is!

Anglica is different because we will listen to you, hear your specific needs, and work closely with you one-to-one to get you improving your English fast.

What this course will allow you to do:

  • Speak about business and real work topics and situations
  • Learn new vocabulary and practise it through speaking activities
  • Read and listen about work-related subjects
  • Learn grammar presented in authentic work contexts
  • Practise speaking in real work situations
  • Learn key expressions for authentic work contexts
  • Improve your communication skills for meetings, presentations, socialising, phone calls etc.
  • Improve your fluency and accuracy
  • Learn from video lessons that include interviews with expert speakers and case studies of real companies

Before you start, we will conduct a comprehensive needs analysis with you to deliver personalised curriculum based on your learning goals.

Before every week, you will receive a list of your personalised learning goals for that week to enable you to stay on track with your studies and observe your progress and achievement. At the end of every week, you will receive personalised feedback outlining your achieved weekly goals, progress and areas for improvement.

We will also regularly consult you for your own feedback to ensure the course continues to meet your learning needs. After each lesson, you will receive Digital Learning Materials from that lesson so you always stay on track.

What's included

  • Live lessons
  • Your personalised curriculum
  • Needs analysis
  • English level placement
  • Ongoing feedback from your teacher
  • Weekly learning goals
  • Learning materials after each lesson
  • End-of-course certificate

Anglica uses globally trusted and recognised teaching resources:

Oxford University Press Financial Times Publishing Cambridge University Press


  • 2 back-to-back lessons twice a week (4 lessons per week)
  • All lessons are 50 minutes in duration
  • We offer flexibility in our schedule to work with your schedule

What you will need

To take part in our lessons we recommend you have the following:

  • Good internet connection
  • Desktop, tablet, or mobile device with camera and headphones input
  • Headphones or earphones (we recommend using to prevent audio feedback during lessons)
  • A private and quiet room for the duration of the lesson
  • Pen and paper for activities


Business English classes start at €45 per class, which are completely bespoke and tailored to your specific needs. As a result, this price can vary depending on the depth of course content and number of classes needed.

When you book with us, we will suggest a course schedule for what you need and give you a price for this course.

How to book a course

Making a booking with Anglica is super simple! And don't worry, there is no payment needed at this stage.

Just fill out the form below with your details and a general description of language requirements in your professional role.

We will contact you soon after with a course plan that works for you and your schedule.

Book herefor Business English

Don't worry, there is no payment needed for booking! Just let us know a bit about you, your current level of English, and a general description of language requirements in your professional role. We'll contact you with a schedule that works for you and get your classes up and running.

Would you prefer to meet over a quick video call? No problem, we'd love to meet you! Just let us know in the form and we'll arrange a chat.

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